The RE/MAX system has a direct bearing on the performance of your agent and the services offered.....Some important "differences" which can help make or break your sale: 


** RE/MAX Agents Operate Under The 100% Concept

At a typical Real Estate office, the Broker/Owner retains a percentage of commissions earned by the agents
(usually 30-50%) in return for paying the overhead and marketing costs.

A RE/MAX agent can keep up to 100% of the commission, but pays a set monthly fee to the Owner whether or not there is a sale.  Your RE/MAX agent has a higher motivation because he has a personal and vested financial investment in the sale of your property.  It only makes sense that both you and your agent will benefit from his determined efforts to sell the property for the best price in the shortest possible time.

** RE/MAX Agents Average More Experience And More Sales Per Agent

Under the 100% commission concept, along with the monthly expensess, RE/MAX agents need to be "full-time" agents with a proven track record, and a strong client base.  This system attracts the high producing, experienced agents who consider selling homes a "career." 

On the average, RE/MAX agents have completed more post license real estate classes, and obtained more professional designations. An office composed of high producing, professional agents helps maintain higher standards, and keeps your agent strongly motivated. 

** Freedom

RE/MAX provides "full-time" receptionists, so the phones are answered all day long.  Your agent does not have to sit in the office and answer calls for other agents listings, only his own.  Calls on your property go directly to your agent.  Who better to answer questions about your property then the agent who has your listing?