The selection of a real estate professional is a critical decision.  That person is directly responsible for representing your interests and presenting your home to the maximum number of qualified buyers.  That is the reason a well-developed marketing plan and experience in selling neighborhood homes is so important.


The other part of the equation consists of price, terms and the condition of the property, and these are factors which you control.  Some owners choose their agent based solely on the agent who quotes the highest list price, or the lowest commission rate.  Keep in mind that the market and buyers will determine the price, not the agent. 


Some agents may suggest a high price just to get the listing, then approach the owner for price reduction after price reduction until the price is down to where it should have been at the start.  Other agents may quote a low commission rate, but then balk at spending money to market the property.  The end result may be a longer market time, and a lower net sale price.


Consider all these very important factors as you make your selection of the company and agent you want to represent you, .


Please contact Richard Raap for a copy of his "No Risk, Easy Exit" marketing plan.


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